Why Every Property Manger Should Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

Little things matter because little things come together to create big effects.

When searching for new and better tenants, most property managers focus on the big things. They give the better part of their attention to big marketing campaigns. But did you know that, as a property manager, while you look at those things, your prospective tenants are often looking at other things? They are checking for the telltale signs of how you actually run the property.

Little things about a rental tell the story of how you manage it and these are the things prospective tenants look out for. They know that when trying to rent a home, you will put on a ‘show’ and guide them to only those things you want them to see. This is why many quality renters do not pay much attention to what you have on display. They look at the things you don’t expect them to.

For instance, minor details like how well appliances are cleaned and polished or the presence of stains on door or cabinets knobs. These are the small details that make the difference between a home that rents two days after it is vacated and another one that waits one month to find its next occupant. The cumulative effects of small details form the big impressions your would-be tenants take away with them.

Property managers often forget that their work is always on display and being assessed by existing and incoming tenants. As an example, by looking at how common areas are kept, it is possible to predict the quality of tenants a home will attract and their relative level of comfort. Even for existing tenants, a home’s level of cleanliness sways their decisions to renew or terminate the lease.

This is why property managers who want to win the best tenants, keep their rental in the best condition, and lower their maintenance costs, give a lot of attention to their cleaning strategy. They choose a method that guarantees the utmost level of cleanliness in the home, while also creating the best overall impression of the property manager as a professional.

The best way to get achieve that kind of result is to hire a professional cleaning company. Having a professional cleaner do recurrent cleaning in your rental properties will provide the following benefits to you, your tenants, the owners you work for, and your property management business.

Why you need a professional cleaning company for your rental

Consistency and excellence

Most people may not be able to clean the home to the highest level of cleanliness but they know when a room is cleaned to that standard. They can identify when a rental has received that type of cleaning that pays attention to the smallest details. They have seen this level of cleanliness on display in hotels and other locations, and can readily identify it.

Efficient service delivery

In addition to cleaning rooms in the best way possible, professional cleaning services do it in record time. They have systems that are fine-tuned to ensure the best cleaning in the shortest time. Consequently, they can help you shorten vacancy periods by deploying to a home the same day it becomes vacant and having it ready – in the best condition – the next day.

Lower maintenance costs

Photo Of Person Disinfecting The Table

A professional cleaning company will slow wear and tear in a rental. Dust, grime, and bacteria that cling to surfaces accelerate their breakdown. The use of the wrong cleaning solutions and cleaning methods will also depreciate the materials in the home. Professional cleaning companies can help you deal with both problems, thereby preserving the home.

More satisfied tenants

Professional cleaning services know the unreachable areas of the home where allergens, bacteria, and odors linger. They also know the deep cleaning techniques to clean these areas and make them completely odorless and germ-free. This level of service ensures the tenants in such homes are significantly healthier and happier.

Improved and sustained earnings

Happy tenants are less likely to terminate their lease. Tenants who rent in the long-term means the rental home will be more profitable and the cost of maintaining it will be lower. In addition to reducing turnover rates, a cleaning service lowers vacancy rates. It can also make the rental more attractive to prospective tenants, allowing you to charge higher rents.

Long-term business growth

Hiring a professional cleaning service is a strategy for long-term business growth. It will impact your business, as a property manager, in at least two ways. Hiring a professional cleaning service means you do not have to clean your rentals yourself or supervise their cleaning. This gives you time to improve your systems and build your business networks.

Enhanced professional reputation

Another way that hiring a professional cleaning service creates long-term growth is by boosting your professional reputation. Your standing as a property manager who manages efficiently and profitably, while ensuring tenant satisfaction, will open doors for you. You will be able to attract investors who own even bigger and more lucrative properties.

Blog written by Wayne Guthals

From Blue Mountain Management



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