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Reclaim your free time and let Teebs clean-up for you – use the contact form below to get in touch and let us help you to keep your home or office clean.

We offer house cleaning services in the Denver metro area. Arvada and Westminister

For all common areas, living rooms, and bedrooms, all accessible surfaces are dusted, mirrors and glass are wiped down, the floor will be cleaned, and garbage and recycling will be taken out. Additionally, in the kitchen, we will empty the sink and load the dishwasher with any dirty items, and we’ll wipe down the exterior of your appliances, stove, and oven. For the bathroom, we will also sanitize the toilet, sink, shower, and tub.

We will arrive promptly and carry out our cleaning services based on the type of cleaning you have requested. This can be deep cleaning, standard cleaning, etc.

Yes, you will be assigned the same person/team every time.

No, we are happy and capable of cleaning without you being present – however, we prefer that you are there for the first cleaning appointment.

Yes, but let us know within 24 hours.

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