Understanding Why Teebs Cleaning is Different?

Three people in orange jumpsuits standing in a living room with cleaning equipment

If someone had told me ten years ago I’d own a cleaning company, I would have laughed in disbelief. Being a housekeeper was something every mother would say, “I am working hard to put you through school so you won’t end up being a housekeeper like me.” Those words are compelling, as they germinate in our young minds forever. When COVID-19 hit, I too found myself perplexed; my photo booth business plummeted with no help from the government because we had JUST started the company. Unanswered  resumes caused anxiety.

After my many failed business attempts, I had to disappoint my mother and join the housekeeping world. Not even long after this, I too, found myself longing for my unborn child to work hard so they wouldn’t end up being a housekeeper like me simply because I missed something and how the clients made me feel so small.

Then it hit me that our housekeeping mothers did not hate the work they were doing, they disliked how they were treated, and in most cases, they were paid very little for their hard labor. They loved being housekeepers but hated being maids.

Even in the midst of so many disappointments, the business was booming. Before I knew it, I had landed my first cleaning gig. My husband cheered me on as I faked it until I made it. Made it I did, and most of my clients were very pleased with my work. One client became recurring; and before I knew it, I was offered a 142 building contract.

As I learned and said yes to every opportunity, the leads kept coming.  I knew then that Teebs Cleaning was going to be different. Teebs Cleaning was unique; it was the job where people would come to respect and enjoy. 

But how are we going to be different?

  1. Our cleaning Technicians will be paid well (Our cleaning techs are paid $21 to $25/hr, driving time, and break time.  Most of our cleaning techs choose not to take the break time because they have to either pick up their kids from school)
  2. We will take feedback seriously so we can continue to be the best cleaning company, providing the best service to our customers.
  3. Our customers’ service will be the best.

These ambitions above sound great, but being realistic, I also understood this would take time. As we grow, we hope to continue making Teebs Cleaning a better workplace for our cleaning techs and an excellent cleaning company for our clients. A clean home is precious to so many people’s lives. I witnessed the joy in many people’s faces when we leave someone’s house sparkling clean. I noticed many mothers trying to work remotely, while being parents, and keeping up with household chores.  The work we provide makes people happy. “We will work hard to provide high-quality services in exchange for a favorable work environment and fair pay.” This mission is not always easy to keep; not all of our customers are the same, and we will learn and understand our customers’ needs individually.

Sometimes, whenever we think of changing inequality or changing the world, we must look at the people who are serving you. Are they well paid? Are they good at what they do? How long have they been in your company or have been helping you? Those are the questions we have to be asking ourselves. When I entered the cleaning world, I was often told that we charged more, and when I look at our business, I think we are not even charging enough. When we start by rewarding the people who are willing to work hard or have been working hard but are underpaid, imagine the great things that will happen if they’re given the opportunity to provide the basic needs to their families

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